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Vallebona has always had a Pro Loco, which even before the 1960s was already active in livening up the two most important festivals of the village: San Pietro and San Lorenzo. Over the years, it has organized small festivities, first in the historic center and later at the "Fabio Taggiasco" Recreational Center. The most renowned festival is the one dedicated to ravioli.

The Cultural Association A Cria was born over twenty years ago. Over the years, it has been involved in organizing concerts and events, the most important of which was "Vallebona hosts U Giacurè," as well as cultural trips.

The Vallebonamo Association was created to collaborate and support events organized by the Administration and beyond. The most important event is "L'anciua in se crote."

For over twenty years, a group of volunteers from the village, both men and women, have made themselves available to help, with their arms and ideas, to make every type of event that pays tribute to Vallebona more beautiful and enjoyable.

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Vallebona offers a unique experience for your holidays, it is a picturesque place rich in history, culture, and natural beauty; a peaceful and authentic environment.

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