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Story of a celebration

Thanks to an idea from the administrators, volunteers from the village, and Architect Simona Alborno, in 2005, a special event was created, adopting the image of the bee (designed by the architect herself) as the symbol of the village.

In 2006, the first edition of Ape in Fiore took place. The event grew, and with it, the number of decorated bees increased.

The celebration exploded, the bees embraced artistic and carnival themes, and every corner of the village was adorned for this incredible day of festivities. Music, tastings of typical products, and various activities enlivened the village, entertaining both adults and children.

L'Ape in Fiore becomes a celebration of nature, with an explosion of colors and scents that intoxicate and enchant with creativity and exuberance.

Placed in the most suggestive squares and locations of the village, they are decorated for the occasion and transformed into a game, each one interpreting a theme in a whirlwind of playfulness and a desire to amaze. From the early morning hours, people gather around their own Ape to achieve the surprising transformation, and in the afternoon, the celebration comes alive with the famous ape-ritivo in the square.

It is a celebration that invites you to explore the entire village, discovering its fascinating corners and small masterpieces. An event that places the village among the favorite destinations to explore enchanting places, where traces of the past are enhanced by new architectures, and the natural environment creates a fairy tale-like setting.

Since 2019, the festival has transformed into a permanent exhibition that paints the streets of the historic center with flowers and colors throughout the year.

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Vallebona offers a unique experience for your holidays, it is a picturesque place rich in history, culture, and natural beauty; a peaceful and authentic environment.

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