Ravioli cu pesigu

The raviöi cu pesigu bring Vallebona and its culinary tradition to your tables, made with simplicity and passion. They are called so because of the "pesigu," the pinch, necessary to close, one by one, the pasta filled with herbs or meat. Then they are cooked with sage or as you prefer.

Once, the women of the village used to go to the countryside to find borage, the aromatic herb used to prepare the filling for the ravioli, exclusively for festive occasions. It is a product linked to the territory, to the people who live there, and to what it has always represented for families and the entire community: the sense of conviviality and unity around the table during celebrations.

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Vallebona offers a unique experience for your holidays, it is a picturesque place rich in history, culture, and natural beauty; a peaceful and authentic environment.

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